Your Guide to Tokyo Drinking Sessions


Your Guide to Tokyo

The night lights in Tokyo are very inviting. A lot of bright lights as well as bulletins is actually asking for your courtesy, would you mind lending some of your time? With this comes the rumors that may be true somehow, it may be one of the costliest cities on earth. How can they pay their electricity? Well, that is just a little secret that no one cares about except you. Tokyo is not a lavish as you think it seems. Japan is somehow costly if you will compare it to some of the countries in Asia. However, if you will compare it to some other cities in the world that are also known for their night activities such as NYC, Amsterdam, London and Hong Kong, Tokyo is not a money monster. If you have plans of going around the clubs or you want to try some of the special cocktails, you need to have a lot of money, but if you will just follow some tips from this article, you can save a lot and still enjoy your stay in Tokyo.

When you plan for a night of fun and activity, it is essential to find out what you want. In this case, the high cost of the drinks or food will be your enemy. Normally speaking, the cost of the beer in Tokyo is around 600 yen, the typical mixed drink is normally 800 yen. These prices are not that bad at all, however, if you know yourself, you will not just have 1 drink through the night. What does that mean? You will leave the place broke if you want to have more drinks? Well, why don't you just drink along the streets? This is lawful in Japan to drink anywhere you want. That means, you can just go to a store and buy the chu-hi. It is a can of mixed citrus carbonated water and a shochu mix. You will mix them to produce a chu-hi. It is like a taste of soda.
After you have taken some chu-his, you can now hit the bars. But that is dependent on the community, some of the bars charge for the seating itself only, that normally amounts to 500 yen. You can just have sat there and watch around, because you will not order for a drink anymore. You must ask if there is an available seat first, before you order a drink, this way, when you get the bill, you will not be surprised with the amount of the bill. One way to stay drunk without breaking the bank is to imbibe at an affordable rate. Izakayas are drinking places where you can get a variety of small dishes. You may be well aware of it, it is essential to be full if you plan to drink, because bad things may occur along the way.
When you are in Japan, it is essential for you to be familiar with the world Nomihodai. It is the Japanese word for a drink all you can. This is more typical than you think of and there are some places such as Roppingi that are loaded with Nomihodai places where you can drink while you can at 1,000 yen. Upon learning these important things, you are now ready to visit some of the places in Tokyo where you can drink for all you want. You can come to Beatcafe where you can have affordable drinks. You can also come to Miyoshino where they serve affordable drinks as well. You can also sit all night there without being annoyed even if you cannot understand the Japanese words. Bones Bar is another one. They also serve affordable drinks here.


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