Where to Shop in Tokyo


Tokyo is the place to go on a shopping spree. With the latest trendiest fashion, traditional handicrafts, branded goods, cutting edge electronics, and colouful anime, shopping in Japan is more than a necessity... It's an obsession. Therefore, surrounded by endless variety of world-class goods and accompanied by your credit card, it's not hard to fall into temptation while shopping in Tokyo.
where to shop in tokyoTokyo is famous for its department stores, some of which have been open for centuries. These department stores connect massive shopping malls and are extremely convenient for shoppers as they can find everything they are looking for under one roof. Some of these complexes compass 10 floors.
These outlets deal anything from modern merchandise to traditional goods such as cotton kimonos, iron teapots, ceramics, samurai swords and lacquerware. It's no surprise Japan is the best place to look for Manga, but to be more specific, the shops to look for them are in Shibuya and Akihabara.
The best place to buy branded clothing is Ginza shopping area, a fancy area characterised for high end stores, boutiques and cafes. From block to block, you'll find well-established Japanese shops and famous brand names like Gucci, Chanel, Armani, Louis Vuitton, among others.
Numerous fashion labels have appointed their own personal restaurants in Ginza. After a day of shopping in this fancy area, you can treat yourself to a gourmet delicacy from Gucci Café or the Armani restaurant. Some of the onsite attractions include a beer garden during summer and a play area for children.
Alternatively, browse through Harajuku's high fashion boutiques and branded shops to find pop culture and new, trendy styles.
Tokyo is the capital of shopping choices and Omotesando Hills is the proof of that. Here you'll find about 100 exclusive and famous brand shops; for instance “Anniversaire Omotesando” which is popular for its limited-edition champagne and chocolate, as well as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dior boutiques. If you don't plan on buying anything, at least you can take delight in the majestic architecture of this hip boutiques.
As Roppongi is surrounded by numerous embassies, there are many shops, bars and restaurants distinguished for its international flavour and cater to people from other countries. The area has both aspects as an office town and an entertainment centre with its new shopping centre - Roppongi Hills. One of Japan's newest commercial developments, Roppongi Hills has over 200 shops and restaurants making it the ideal place to spend the day exploring local Japanese culture.
With its train station handling the largest number of passengers in the world, Shinjuku is one of the busiest towns in Japan and as such, it's filled with customers wandering from department stores, electrical appliance megastores and huge book stores. Browse through the dozens of shops in the underground mall to find an unexpected deal. In the Kabuki-cho bright lights district, buzzing with restaurants, adult entertainment spots, arcades and theatres.
A great place to shop for youngsters is Shibuya - one of Japan's busiest towns. There are numerous miscellaneous goods shops, clothing boutiques, shoe stores, accessory and cosmetics shops and fast food stores.

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