Tokyo Superstitions

Supernatural forces also dwell in modern cities such as Tokyo. If you visit the city, make sure you are aware of locals’ superstitions, so you can take advantage of the city’s good fortune or at least avoid bad luck.
The curse of Roppingi Hills: According to a recent urban legend, Roppongi Hills is cursed. People say that residents of Roppongi Hills are doomed. The building opened in 2003, and has since seen a number of its residents fall from grace, related businesses become embroiled in scandal and one child died in gruesome circumstances.
The curse has become something of an urban legend. There are a few reasons attributed to the building’s bad luck. First, its address since there are three sixes in Roppongi 6-chome Roppongi Hills. Second, the building looks like a grave stone. Historically, the idea that it was built on the very ground that witnessed the deaths of some of the 47 Ronin in the Ako Vendetta legend committed ritual suicide after avenging their master’s honour.
Such are the repercussions of the superstition that the property management company imposes many regulations on the owners of the residence to prevent them from performing harmless hobbies like gardening on the balcony.
Love and the lights of Tokyo Tower: People of Tokyo believe that your love will last longer if you watch the lights of Tokyo Tower get turned off with your partner.
In contrast, Tokyo can also break couples apart. Legend tells that couples who take a boat ride on the pond at Inokashira Park might break up prematurely. According to the superstition, Benzaiten (the Buddhist goddess of wealth and carer of the pond) gets jealous watching happy couples. Well, don’t we all?
Love lost while queuing... This belief might cross the threshold from superstition to science. It is believed that new couples visiting Tokyo Disney Land will suffer a short romance. This is because the length of the queues tests their chemistry and many discover they don’t have much in common.
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