Tokyo Opera City

Tokyo Opera City
Tokyo opera towerOne of the most popular and fascinating sights in Tokyo is undoubtedly the Opera City Tower. Since its creation in 1996 it has received wonderful reviews, outlining it as a popular sight for tourism and a great business location. The building is the seventh tallest in Tokyo and certainly draws the attention of passers-by through the Shinjuku area.
It is home to the New National Theatre and concert halls, as well as many businesses and the building itself has fantastic service, with parking, free admission and for those with young children prams and other items can be checked into reception.
Undoubtedly the most interesting part of the Opera City Tower is the concert halls, and this is certainly a prime location for some of the country's and the world's finest artists. Both locals and tourists alike enjoy the numerous and varied concerts that are held here. Individuals wishing to attend should view the upcoming shows online before deciding what to see. Ideally tickets should be bought in advance to avoid any stressful scenarios.
There are also two other opera companies that musical enthusiasts can visit. The Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation has 2000 Japanese opera singers as members and holds between four and five operas per year. Then there is the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, which is known for its fantastic acoustics. It is located in the Ueno Park in Tokyo. Due to the obvious interest in these locations they are easily accessible by public transport and are surely a sight and experience not to be missed. Many people are under the false assumption that opera is simply not for them. However, if someone has not tried something, how do they know if they don't like it? Opera offers an inspirational display of all the emotions imaginable, as well as amazing creative and musical talents from around the world. Whether it is a traditional and long standing opera, or a new and controversial show, it is worth taking the time to see if this new experience can be enjoyed and loved. Attending the opera is an ideal way to soak up the culture of any country.
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