Tokyo For the Animal Lover

Tokyo For the Animal Lover
Ueno ZooFor all those animal lovers out there who are thinking of visiting Japan, you will not be disappointed. Tokyo has been home to Ueno Zoo for over a thousand years and that alone should be enough to draw you in. It is Japan's oldest zoo and with easy connections there is no reason not to visit it. Situated in Ueno Park, the zoo is close by to an amusement park and also museums so it is ideal for a day out.
There are over 460 different species in the zoo with pygmy hippos, white rhinoceros, red pandas and tapirs being just a few of them. Visiting the zoo can be an eye opening experience for anyone, no matter where they might be from or what they might do in their professional life. There is something about observing animals in their natural habitat that can be surprisingly inspiring, as you see how the parents look after their newborns, how males fight for the dominant roles and even how they source their food, in this faux natural living space.
Tama Zoo is another must see and is located about an hour away from Tokyo. This is a truly sensational trip with its 3 ecological areas. These include the Asiatic Garden, the African garden and the Australian Garden. There is also an Insectarium. The Asiatic Garden is home to a beautiful selection of Japanese animals including Serows, sika deer and elephants and much more from around Asia.
Admission to Tama Zoo is free to children under 12, disabled people and on special days, such as the Anniversary of Tama Zoo on May 5th, and Greenery day on May 4th. Tama Zoo offers the usual services, such as tours, gift shop and restaurants, but it also offers a chance to get up and close with the Lions on the Lion Bus.
Although there is a great deal to see when visiting Tokyo or Japan, taking a day to see the zoo can be a very refreshing experience, especially because Tokyo's zoos have such a wide variety of different species that might not be accessible in other countries zoos.
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