Tokyo Fashion

Tokyo Fashion
Tokyo fashionWhile many people focus on the sights or the food that Tokyo has to offer, this beautiful city also has a great deal to offer in relation to all things fashion. Even people who don't have a particular love for dressing themselves up in the most popular fashion items out there can enjoy the sights of a fashion week or the surprising styles on the runway.
Japan is host to some amazing creative powers in the fashion world, from sophisticated day to day looks, to quirky and inventive fashion icons. Tokyo's fashion week is held twice a year in March and October and, understandably it is always very popular. It displays looks that are sure to set the standard for the coming season. Tokyo's fashion week is considered in the same ranking as that of the other great city's shows, London, Paris and New York for example.
Aside from all the latest fashion events that shouldn't be missed across the city, Tokyo and Japan have a rich fashion history that is fascinating to study. From the traditions and styles of the kimonos to the high quality fabric produced today, there is a great deal to learn from this country's relationship with fashion.
Throughout the city and throughout the year there are various fashion exhibitions to attend. They vary from historical displays to modern exhibitions of up and coming artists and the cost will also vary so there is something for every budget and interest. The Sugino Costume Museum is very reasonably priced and has a varied display of both Japanese and European clothing. The House if Shiseido has a contemporary design and is home to a wide range of paintings, sculptures as well as fashion pieces.
Anyone with a firm interest in fashion should keep their eyes open on the streets because this is one of the places where the greatest fashion sights can be found. From budding designers, trying out their latest creations, to locals with a fine eye for what patterns and styles work together, everything can be seen on the streets of Tokyo. There's no need to hold back and act shy when walking around this city.
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