Tokyo Cat Cafe

Tokyo Cat Café
cat cafeFor the enthusiastic traveller Tokyo is full of exciting and different things to try and one of the most unusual and satisfying is a visit to the Cat Café. There are over 70 in the Tokyo area alone so it is not difficult to find one. Whichever one you choose the concept is the same. Enjoy a drink and some food in the comfort of a pet or 50.
Many people in Tokyo find that they cannot afford to keep a pet as the rent can increase if you own a cat or dog. Therefore this type of café is ideal for people who miss the company of animals and want an interactive experience, unlike in a zoo for example.
As you enter the café in most cases you will remove your shoes and place your belongings in a locker. You will then enter the café itself and be greeted by an array of different cats, all friendly and used to being petted. In most cases guests are not allowed to pick up the cats, but can stroke and pet them. Some even provide small bags of treats to give the cats.
One of the charming aspects of these cafes is that there is a book with each cats profile, describing their breed and age but also their personality and history. Guests pay by the hour and can also have food and drink just like in a normal café. Studies have shown that stroking animals can reduce stress levels and relax the individual, so combining this with a nice drink in a relaxing area is an ideal solution for many people. Naturally there can be accidents, but people understand this as many have had pets previously and will not be offended when they leave with the odd cat hair on their clothing.
Naturally, those who have allergies should steer clear of such a café, but for the majority of people the cat café's of Tokyo are a very popular and unusual destination. They can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike and is certainly something to try if the opportunity arises. There have even been rumours of the concept emerging in the UK.
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