The Weight Loss Lifestyle

The Weight Loss Lifestyle
Tokyo healthyWith so many people struggling with their weight and fighting the health problems that accompany obesity it is unusual to see a community that is not predominantly overweight. Yet, the majority of the population of Tokyo is remarkably slim in comparison to western society. For many American's and people from other nationalities where weight is an issue, walking around Tokyo is a great source of inspiration. When you look closely at the typical lifestyle of someone living in Tokyo, the reason behind this slim physique becomes apparent, although naturally there are exceptions.
One aspect of the Tokyo lifestyle that is a clear example of why obesity is not such an issue is the portion size. America is well known for the generous portion sizes, with oversized meals being bulked out with large side dishes such as chips or onion rings. In Tokyo the size of the plate alone is much smaller, so naturally the portions will also be smaller. In addition to smaller sizes, the content of each dish is much healthier, consisting of a much higher amount of vegetables and seafood dishes. If the food is both smaller in size and contains more healthy ingredients then it stands to reason that in general weight gain would not be so much of a problem.
In addition to this exercise is not a daily chore in Tokyo, but a way of life. School children walk to school and people cycle to the shop instead of driving. The exercise that many people in other countries have to plan into their day is simply part of the day for many Japanese people, resulting in a slimmer frame and less obesity in general.
Many people have found that when visiting Tokyo they naturally lost weight without even trying to or thinking about it. Whether they were walking around the city visiting sights or eating out every night, the everyday situations and lifestyle of the Japanese is far healthier and therefore can result in weight loss for people who come from a much more sedentary and gluttonous lifestyle. Therefore, looking at the lifestyle of the Japanese can be a great way to identify habits that are not supportive of a healthy body.
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