The Tokyo Skyline

The Tokyo Skyline
The Tokyo towerWhile the countryside is a relaxing and revitalising environment, there is something inspiring and invigorating about the skyline of a busy city. It shows the work of some of the most inventive people in world and is a statement to the nature of that city. Finding a spot with a superb view and taking in the skyline of a city is a great way to see the beating heart of that country in action and this is certainly the case for Tokyo.
There are 47 buildings in Tokyo that make up the most impressive aspects of the skyline, standing at over 180 meters tall. The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest and newest building in Tokyo, built in 2012. It has three functions, as a broadcasting tower, restaurant and observation tower. It has a lattice structure and certainly makes up an interesting part of the skyline, especially at night.
The Tokyo Tower is the second tallest structure in Tokyo and is easily recognised by its similarities to the Eiffel Tower. The noticeable exception being that it is painted orange and white. It is also a communications and observation tower. The Midtown Tower is the third tallest building and has an interesting design and multiple uses. Aside from the various businesses that reside in the building there is also a medical centre and an exhibition space.
Tokyo City Hall is the fourth tallest building in Tokyo and probably one of the most well known on the skyline. It is the Metropolitan Government Building and has a very interesting structure that certainly stands out against the other buildings at nightime. Observing the skyline of a city isn't something that everyone gets to experience, but for those that get the opportunity to it is a memorable experience. The Tokyo Skytree restaurant might just be the perfect place to experience this view, although those with a fear of heights might want to give that option a miss. Wherever you choose to view it from, remember to put down the camera for a moment and really take in everything that Tokyo has to offer in that moment.
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