The Empress of Pop

The Empress of Pop
Ayumi HamasakiJapan is home to some of the world's most intuitive and exciting artists, but Ayumi Hamasaki is sure to be among the most popular. Named the Empress of Pop, her status goes far beyond simply being a singer as she inspires fashion trends and has a following wherever she goes. Her music has been hugely successful from a young age and there is no telling what she might do in the future.
One thing to note about Ayumi that could be a reason behind her undeniable popularity is the fact of her control. Every aspect of her marketing and portrayal to the public is considered, from the font on posters, to staying up with her staff waiting on new makeup orders. She is the master of her own success and now that she has even started composing her own music fans are even more inclined to buy into the Empress of Pop.
While her musical talent has never been claimed to be particularly spectacular, it is the flaws in her singing ability that seems to touch the audience. Each song is written by Ayumi and speaks volumes about who she is in this confusing world. The honesty that she expresses so easily is probably the cause of her success. Nearly every one of her singles has been in the Top 3 and considering that the price of a single in Japan is twice what it is in America, this is no mean feat. Every aspect of her appearance is picked up on by fans and the record company is keen to cash in on this, using her face on numerous advertising campaigns.
After being compared to Madonna on numerous occasions, the Empress of Pop is certainly one to look out for. Whether things eventually die down or not, Ayumi Hamasaki has certainly made a name for herself and her songs have touched so many hearts that I doubt anyone would consider her to be anything but a huge success for more than a decade now. The way that she took control of her rise to fame has set a fantastic example for people, no matter what their jobs might be. If you are in control of you life, you have no one to blame for your rise or fall.
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