Reliving the natural habitat and scenery


Kamikochi in Japan

Old Japan used to be symbolized with ponds filled with carp, valleys filled with mist and onsens hidden in the vast thick forest. It is now being overshadowed by the modern image for Japan, a bustling city filled with neon lights and never ending building of skyscrapers. It is also being filled with high tech supermarkets and super fast bullet trains. Many fancy modern inventions have since replaced the old Japanese image, which includes vending machines for raw lobsters, patrolling vans blasting out at top volume propaganda messages and nappies especially for dogs. It completely erased the old Japan from memories of the citizens. To visit and truly experience Japan, one must factor in travelling time to big busy metropolis such as Tokyo and Osaka. Amidst all the modern hype, one must need to escape the modern world once a while to rejuvenate the soul and brain by going back to natural habitats and rediscover the original beauty of Japan. There are plenty of nature spots perfect for travel groups in 5 or less members.

First on the list is Kamikochi. It forms part of Chubu Sangaku Japanese National Park (or known to outsiders as Japan Alps Park). It is located in Nagao prefecture. It is actually a highland approximately 1500 meters right above ocean levels. Many go there for its scenic view and many replicate the view in the form of watercolor paintings. You can rediscover you sense of purpose in life and find deeper meaning to you journey in life, away from the mundane working culture. Rivers clear as crystal displays peace behind rolling hills. Boats docked beside piers come in different shapes and sizes giving you the perfect photo worthy pictures. The best period for visiting would be around autumn as that is when amber hues surround the forests.
The next destination spot is Akame shujuhachi taki. It is known's as the 48 Akame Waterfalls to outsiders and located right around Mie prefecture. The name represents all the waterfalls collectively, no matter the size. Breathtaking views await the travelers as rocks covered in moss can be seen against a backdrop of gushing river and dramatic gorges. A few good hours is required for one to roam you way on the 4km walking trail along the river. The riverside trail is the perfect spot for escaping the summer heat in the cities. It is also the perfect spot for catching the cooling breeze. One can feel free to dip inside the refreshing river water at the lower side of the waterfalls. Beware of trout tickling you toes as it may get ticklish. Generally it is a fun experience to dip yourself in the cooling water. One would be able to reach the waterfalls by taking the train line from Namba train station location in Osaka all the way to Akameguchi. From Akameguchi the place can be reached within a 10 minutes' walk.
Iya Valley is another great nature spot located on Shikoku Island. However many dispelled the official title as nature's paradise due to the ongoing construction and noisy hammering. Despite all the accusations of not being a good nature spot, it is actually a great place to relieve from the city stress and concentrated crowds. Driving would be the best mode of transport around the area.
You can plan your own travelling pace by making occasional stops at hot spring outdoor baths along your travels. If you fancy an exciting ride, there are vine bridges awaiting travelers which can be pretty mind-blowing. It is a good spot for traveler looking for adrenaline rush and the adventure of crossing the gushing river will make the trip an extremely memorable one.


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