Must Buy Japan Cosmetic Brands


 Japan Cosmetic Brands

For girls, Japan is a place not only for roaming around and exploring its culture but also make up. It is easier to find Japanese cosmetics in drugstore and can be easily access around Japan, especially in Tokyo. Cosmetic products are being released every season which consists of colors depending on the season and the trends. So here's the list of Must-buy Japan Cosmetic Brands.

Canmake (photo) – Canmake is one of the top-selling brands in Japan. If you love pigmentation and vivid colors with very affordable price, Canmake is made just for you. It may be cheap but it has a good quality and reasonable for its price. Canmake Cream Cheek Blush won multiple awards in cosme category and is included in Hall of Fame for beauty products. Canmake products are also popular not only in Japan but also around the world and used by the beauty gurus and influencers.
Dollywink – Dollywink offers different ranges of eye-makeup such as eyeliners, fake lashes, eyelid glues and mascaras. Established by Koji Honpo and gyaru icon Tsubasa Matsuwaka, Dolly wink aims to help girls achieve their complete eye-make up gaze and eye make-up look. Their Eyebrow mascara is a perfect pair for the Dollywink's falsies. It has a simple yet cute packaging but has a good quality of ingredients and even cheaper than any other eye makeup products. So it's really a good thing to buy with you having a tight budget.
Majolica Majorca – it is from Shiseido cosmetic brand, Majolica Majorca targets younger women in the beauty market. One of the best products from Majolica Majorca is Pure Pure Kiss Lipstick which was released last summer of 2017.
Ettusais – it is established by Shiseido last 1991 with its target of 20s to 30s women in the beauty market. Ettusais uses a concept of having a simple and natural look which also has a natural ingredients use and very cute packaging.
MAQuillAGe – it is a product brand under Shiseido, providing vibrant colors and cute packaging. This brand targets women who is a working ladies so it is quite expensive than Canmake and Majolica Majorca. They also released a limited edition collaborating with Sailor Moon with a special packaging last 2017; they release 2 limited editions: Dramatic Powdery UV and Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV Foundation which gives you a natural finish after applying to your face.
Shu Uemura – this make up brand was created in 1983 and also famous internationally. Their packaging is not only unique but also trending. It also highlights the latest colors in different season and the products are in high coverage which makes you achieve a natural glow with its reasonable price.
K-Palette – it is also a well-known beauty brand in Japan. K-Palette's Lasting Two-way Liquid Eyebrow and Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h is famous eyeliners being offered by K-Palette if you wanted long-lasting eyeliner. K-palette specialized in long lasting eye make-up product. It is also pigmented, smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner.
Shiseido – it is one of the most famous make-up brands in Japan. Shiseido also creates its sub-makeup brands which targets varieties of concept and women's age bracket. Shiseido's Spots Cover Foundation is a highly recommended product to buy. It's a cream-type foundation with a great full coverage that covers freckles, spots, and unwanted marks on the skin. This product has been sold for 40 years and it's being used by the professional make-up artists.
Biore – Biore is one of the famous drugstore brands in Japan. If you're looking for a good drugstore sunscreen, Biore is one of the best-sellers. Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence SPF 50+ is the recommended Japanese sunscreen. It also has a great value for money. It's a waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50+ perfect for outdoor use.
Daiso – Daiso is a popular 100 yen shop in Japan which sells different varieties of products. Daiso's Reusable Silicon Mask Cover is one of the best-sellers in the shop. This is a mask that is use to top of the sheet masks, preventing from slipping off. It is also works in face-steaming mask which enhances the moisture effect.
Muji – Muji is a popular retail company in Japan. Muji also has a store branches in abroad. It offers wide range of products including clothes, food, beauty products etc.


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