Guide to Tokyo hotels



Hotels types typically fall within the range from budget type hostels to five star luxurious suites. Tokyo has many accommodation variants that are not within the spectrum. Reasons for the birth of these accommodations are due to expensive land prices, small living quarters for families and ultra efficient public transport system. They value convenience above all and also a relaxing hot bath.

The first of the kind is the capsule hotel. It is essentially a sleeping pod with the size of one futon. The rooms are shaped in capsule sizes just big enough for a good night's rest. It may be out of this world but it is nothing more than a hostel filled stranger sharing beds. Capsule hotels are filled with strangers as well but a little more privacy is afforded. You get to watch TV via headphones and a chance to use the hot bath. It is specially catered for salarymen missing their train late at night. It costs about 4000 yen per night, cheaper compared to one taxi ride home. It has all basic amenities ready such as towels and toothbrushes as well as cotton robes. It may be good to bring along earplug for quietness. Men can go to Green Plaza while ladies can go for Ladies 501.
Sauna is actually a code for cheap roof over the head to crash over the night. Large public bathhouses that operate 24/7 usually come with relaxation rooms filled with armchairs. Saunas are a common feature around nightlife districts. Rooms are usually filled with salarymen. In women's sauna, it is usually filled with worn out bar hostesses. Saunas are slighty cheaper compared to capsule hotels (around 3000 yen per night) but comes with better bathing options. Some of their specialties include more upscale baths or outdoor baths that draws in the tourists. Traveller can look out for La Qua, a high class public bathhouse.
Manga kissa used to be a private reading booth for rent, usually a fixed fee where customers can read their favorite books in the booth. Kissa stands for café while manga stands for Japanese comics. People reading were also sleeping in the booth, usually teenagers. Manga kissa operators decided to implement the overnight stay option for the customers rather than shooing them out. It has developed to the extent of manga kissa having shower rooms, blankets and hair drying equipment. Standard rate for manga kissa costs 1500 yen complete with soft drinks but your stay is limited to 8 hours over the night. Gran Cyber Bagus Café is a good choice and has dedicated area for ladies.
Love hotels are hotels based on love themes and they differentiate themselves via elaborate schemes and décor. It is an important social venue for lovebirds who often stay in cramped buildings together with their families. The hotels are equipped with creative décor and could come with karaoke machines and Wii consoles. Patrons have the option for night stay or day rest. You can get the keys to your room via machine dispenser. Hotel Meguro is a recommended love hotel for those looking to experience the stay.
Ryokan have been around since centuries ago and is the most traditional form of temporary lodging facility. It is usually operated by family members of the sole owner. Its rooms are equipped with futons placed neatly on mat floors. The décor is clean and simple and rooms are clean and well maintained. Bathing areas are shared by all guests which is usually in the form of huge bath container. Towels and robes are provided. Dinner and breakfast may be inclusive depending on the stay package. Ryokan gives a feeling of Japanese homestay. It is not very popular among young adults as they pay less attention to tidiness. They are not used to rolling up futons after their sleep early morning. It is getting rare for Ryokans to be found in Tokyo. Sawanoya Ryokan would make a good choice of stay for those wanting to feel the Ryokan experience.


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