Find the Peace at the Animal Cafe in Tokyo


Animal Cafe

Cuddle and getting involve with the animal is one way to get the stress out. But not all of people could have a pet at their house because of their busy life or the circumstances. If you want to sneak out a little and get relax, go to your favorite café at Tokyo. There are a lot of this kind of café at Tokyo, but we present you with three good choices. Here are the options.

Little Zoo Café
You can find this restaurant in Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, outside of Tokyo. Little Zoo Café presents a reptile to be pet while you eat and drink, iguana to talk to while sipping coffee, an owl to stroke while eating a cake, or a snake to cuddle with. The other option is to choose your favorite corner and has a sight of all of this reptiles. This restaurant only has 20 seats, so you just need to look around to be able to see a lot of different animal at a time. You don't need to worry about hygiene either, since they have an open air separate kitchen to make the food, and an alcohol based dispenser to totally clean up your hands.
The background of this restaurant to be built is the pet therapy effects. In Tokyo, a lot of people decide to live in an apartment. And one of the strict rules of the apartment is pet are not allowed. The research has proofing that animal can make people less stress and fatigue. It is good for health, both physically and mentally. An animal therapy or activities with the animal can help reducing anxiety and get the blood pressure lower. It also makes a better cope with cancer, heart disease, and mental disorder.
This café has been open since 2011, and a bunch of tourists has visited the place, because of their love for the animal, curiosity of the unique restaurant, and also the new experience eating with reptile and bird around.
Sakuraoka Café
You can get into this restaurant for only five minutes from Shibuya JR station. This is the only café with a goat to pet with. With not so many rules, people in many different interests besides animal can also go to this café and only enjoy the meal and drinks. There are two goats live here at the Café, named Chocolat and Sakura. They are free for pet and stroke, and they seem to love it. They really get used to human and even try to attract people to come closer, people in the restaurant, and people passing by on the street. Their droppings are also valuable to nourish the flower beds. Opened in 2009, this café has 50 seats, a bar, and a unique goat décor to be staring at. You can enjoy pasta, salad, or a bowl of rice with pork.
Hapineko Café
As its name in The Japanese language, hapi refer to happy and neko means cat, this café allowing guests to interact with cats while enjoying their drinks. This restaurant has some rules to obey, include to let the cat to approach, and no chasing for a cuddle. A lot of variety of cat live here, without a cage, so they could easily interact with guest, receive their love and stroke. People can see how cute their attitude is, and adorable, just the way they do anything, they look so cute. The best part is people can give them a treat or play along with them with fox tail toy, or any other cat toys. This café suits every people, adult, children, and also for a family activity to get a quality time together. With only about $10 per person, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, or chocolate, or tea, and half an hour to enjoy your cat time. This cat cafe locates in Shibuya. A lot of Japanese people also believe that cat will bring luck to their life.


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