Explore Tokyo in Different Ways for Free


Shibuya Crosswalk

Exploring Tokyo need not be expensive with all the places that do not ask for a registration fee such as Place your bid for Tsukiji. Are you interested in auctions? The Tsukiji market is just the best for you, but this is different, because here you will bid for tuna. You must go there before 5 in the morning, since the registrants accepted are only 120 daily. This is a market with an off, they do not operate daily and they will move to a new location this year, so you need to check the website for more details. Check the Senso-ji is another option. Be one of the pilgrims by going to Senso-ji. It is a popular Buddhist Temple in Tokyo. It is lined with vibrant stalls that sell souvenirs from big rice crackers to well embellished battledores.

Discover Harajuku. The environment surrounding Harajuku has been a beautiful in the eyes. It is a classy boulevard of boutiques that are housed in a one of a kind architecture. Relax in the Meiji-Jingu. When the Harajuku impends the sensory overload, run to the thick wooded grounds that enclosed the premier capital of the Shinto Shrine of Meiji-jingu. During the festivity, you can find men and women dressed in beautiful kimonos. Oh! Odaiba is a reclaimed land at the Tokyo Bay, which is connected to the city through the Rainbow bridge. There is an artificial beach there where you can sunbathe. Get to see the washi making. The art of paper folding is being offered free of charge at the Origami Kaikan. This is a free art workshop for everyone.
Shibuya scramble will make you find the Myth of Tomorrow in this place. Drop by the Tokyo Museum. The old ads give an illuminating visual history of the trading in Japan in this place. The culture in Akihabara is one of the best if you are a fan of Atom Boy, this place is just the best for you. You can find everything about manga as well as anime here. Art crawl on the other hand, offers a mixture of exhibits as well as interactive installations. Political junk tour is an option too if art or anima is not your preference, how about touring learning the political side of Japan? Here you can find the seat of governance of Japan.
Green areas. The traditional gardens in Tokyo are the best. You can check the Hotel New Otani, Hotel Chinzanso and the greeneries on the grounds of Happo-en. Tokyo has some of the best and the nicest parks in Asia. Join some festivals is another option. Weekly there is a Matsuri of various types in Tokyo. That starts from the Cherry Blossom viewing to fire walking as well as grand parades of costume parties. Stroll around the Yanesen. The streets of the Yanaka, Sendagi and Nezu can give you a hint of what the pre-World War 2 Tokyo was like. You can find small temples as well as shrines, galleries, coffee shops and others. It is by far the cities ancient graveyards. Witness the sumo practice. Though, you cannot make it to the sumo tournament, you can see the wrestlers with your own eyes as they go through the training and the drills. You can watch their morning practice.
Take a peek at the Depachika. It is the abbreviation of the department store basement food halls. They are drooling places to divert your appetite and satisfy your cravings. Be familiar with the newest innovations. You will be able to see the newest gadgets since Toyota as well as Sony has their showrooms here that are open to the public. Art and architecture. There are so many public arts that are scattered around the commercial complexes in Tokyo.


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