Discovering 10 Washoku in Japan



Culinary from Japan are also as familiar as French cuisine in the world. It is approved by Japanese Cuisine (Washoku in the Japanese language) to be added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. This makes Japanese cuisine in the same position with French cuisine, which is honored for its traditionalism. If you want to try the original taste of washoku in Japan, you should come and check this place with its own specialty washoku :

The famous fish market called Tsukiji is located in Tokyo. Sushi is the most recognizable Japanese Cuisine in the world- with the fresh raw meat cut in special shape upside the vinegar rice. Since it is very fresh, you can taste the sweet and the juicy meat. Right here in Tokyo, sushi is being made for the first time in Japan. At first, sushi called Edomae-zushi, following the word Edo, the old name for Tokyo. You can find the freshest sushi at the stall at Tsukiji Market.
Your culinary experience of washoku won't be completed without eating Kaiseki-ryori. Kaiseki-ryori is a traditional meal, usually for dinner, contains multi-course dish. It is containing the seasonal food and often arranged artistically in one tray. Nakamura-ro restaurant in Gion serves Kaiseki-ryori for 400 years. Its traditionalist can be seen from the dinnerware; it's made from the furnished wooden tray and the food served in Chinese bowl. If you're a vegetarian, you can also find this shojin-ryori, the vegetarian version of the kaiseki-ryori in Isuzen, near the Temple Daiji-in.
Takoyaki, as famous as sushi and ramen, a ball-form of batter contains octopus and veggies. The recipe comes from Osaka, as the known as a place for takoyaki. Okonomiyaki also the best-known come from the Osaka. With a very delicious pancake-like-batter, contains meat and vegetables on top, with brown sauce, mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes and powdered dry seaweed. The taste of the mixture of it like blow out in your mouth, creating an umami taste.
Hakodate is one of the tourism culinary destination. It is famous for its ramen, and also the jingisukan (lamb barbecue). It is named so after Genghis Khan because the table for grilling this meal shaped like Mongolian helmet. The most wanted of Hakodate are also the seafood, especially the crab and the salmon. You can find the freshest seafood at Asa-ichi, the fish market in the morning.
Nagoya is famous for its unagi, or the grilled eel. The sweet sauce infiltrates the soft eel meat perfectly. Atsuta Horaiken Restaurant at Nagoya dish out this unagi named hitsumabushi. It is served in 3 ways to eat : First, eat it plain (already has a sweet taste) with a bowl of rice. Second, with sprinkles of spring onion, seaweed, and wasabi (very spicy horseradish paste). Third, soak it in the soup.
Located in Nagano prefecture, this place known for its handmade soba, or the cold noodle. Nomugi is one of the famous vendors. For its very famous reputation, the customer has to line up from the morning. It closes at 2 pm or before it if the soba all sold out. Or, if you want something different, try basashi at Kura Restaurant. It is a raw horsemeat sliced thin.
Located at the Central of Japan, it is known for the sake. Suzuya Restaurant in Takayama is the famous one serving sansai-hyori, a dish made from mountain veggies, fern, and wild plants. Hoba miso usually eaten along with it. Hoba miso is a mix of beef or vegetable with miso paste roasted with charcoal on top of Magnolia leaf.
Located on the southern island of Kyushu. Famous for its fugu, or blowfish. This fish is very poisonous, so the chef who cut it should have passed the test to get the certificate. You can find it during winter time. Tonkatsu ramen or Hakata ramen is also the best- the ramen with a rich pork broth. Anything can't be tastier than this. You can find this on the small stall of atyatai which spread all over Fukuoka.
This place known for its Sanuki Udon, which is the big noodle made from wheat, serve with the separately soup and wasabi. One of the best place to try it is Waraya restaurant, outside Takamatsu a little, near Shikoku Mura.
Located in Okinawa Prefecture. All of the pig's part are cooked here. From ear to trotters. Doesn't like pork? You can eat seafood too. Find the stall which sells it at Dai-Ichi Kosetsu Makishi Ichiba.
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