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Ginza shopping japan

Tokyo is the shopping haven among all major cities with high end fashion, traditional crafts, made in Japan only souvenirs and gadgets that many lust for. There are many Tokyo neighborhood that can satisfy all your shopping cravings be it department store window shopping or used goods.

The first famous shopping destination is Ginza. It is the home for posh boutiques for example Dover Street and Mitsukoshi. Itoya is a place not to missed with nine stories full of supplies. One can find endless barrage of toys at the infamous Hakuhinkan. There is a mixture of posh shopping area and more common shops retailing common crafts which reflect the city's varied consumer culture.
The second place Is Asakusa. It is the dwelling place for artisans and merchants. Its streets are littered with tight lanes and alleyways. There are wide range of good for sale ranging from vintage curios to beautiful shopfront curtains. Souvenir hunters can try the gift shops at Nakamise-dori. There are long rows of little stalls supplying quality unique Japanese made souvenirs.
The third place would be Kagurazaka. It is located a few stations from Shinjuku, and buildings are fairly proportionate to human levels. Walking past the slope at Kagurazaka coming at Iidabashi station, one can find stores selling geta or wooden sandals and purses crafted from kimono fabric. There are also dyed textiles from hand and other accessories. Deep inside there are also stores selling puppets and sweets, sandwiched between pharmacies and pachinko parlours.
The fourth shopping haven is Roppongi. It is known for bars and pick up spot, as well as housing the city's interesting showrooms. Some of the more famous dining and entertainment areas are Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. Interior design lovers can patronize the Axis Design shops and galleries. One can also pay Japan Sword a visit for a peek at samurai weapons.
The fifth spot would be Daikanyama and Naka-Meguro. It is located near Ebisu and has a host of café and fashion boutiques. Naka Meguro on the other hand, just minutes of walk away has more secondhand goods and lounge bars. One should visit Vase for its cultural pieces.
The sixth famous spot for shopping is Shibuya. It is a hot spot among teenagers who are into the teenage trend. One might feel overage being 30 and above, but is nonetheless a good experience. Music shops are everywhere and outrageous apparel can be found at every corner. Hip kids can be spotted at every corner posing and flashing their latest apparel. For those looking for teenage wear, feel free to visit Shibuya 109 or Fake Tokyo. For those looking for gadgets, be sure to pay Tokyu Hand a visit.
The seventh hot spot is Shimo-Kitazawa, located just southwest from Shibuya. It is popular hangout for artsy people and restaurants. Several famous stores converge here including Shimokita, Haight and Ashbury and Otonomad. For all your shopping needs with diverse treasure, be sure to take a look around Shimokita Garage Store Department, a covered market with unique stalls.
The eighth popular shopping destination is Harajuku and Aoyama. It is the home for the ever popular Harajuku girls as well as boys. There are myriad of eccentric shops selling secondhand goods. You can find good deals for souvenirs at Tokyo's Tokyo, clothes and accessories at Sou-sou and high fashion at the final parts around Omote-sando.
The ninth shopping destination would be Shinjuku. It can be energy consuming for most people shopping around Shinjuku. Lights and noise accompany your every step once you alight from the trains and step outside of the station as malls and stores cover every inch of the streets. The scene is similar to a busy casino full of patrons. There are awesome shops located right at the heart of Shinjuku and perfect for all you shopping needs. There is Isetan, the revered store in Tokyo. There is RanQueen, store suitable for all ages. There is Disk Union, a place for music lovers to shop till they drop where it is filled with music CDs. Huge variety of electronics can be found here too. Be sure to visit Kita Kore for its fashion store collections. Last but not least would be Akihabara, also known to many as the electronics hub for Tokyo. The district is increasingly popular among geeks (otaku) who loves anime and manga, as well as J-Pop. Mandarake Complex is a large complex housing all the stores specially for the geeks. Book lovers would love to visit Jimbocho which houses a little less than 170 plus bookstores. One can also find souvenir bazaars along Akihabara.


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