2020 Tokyo Olympics Bid

2020 Tokyo Olympics Bid
olympicsThe Olympics are always an exciting time for the hosting country and citizens unite in the lead up to the games. Japan has made a bid for Tokyo to be the host for the 2020 Games. Previously Tokyo hosted the 1964 games, which was the first time that the Olympics were hosted in Asia and since then they have hosted the Winter Games twice. It has been projected that the 2020 games could generate $2 billion, although the estimated cost is currently set at $75 million.
It is always heartwarming to see the effect that hosting the Olympics has on a country. From the competitions for the Olympic Stadium designs, to the volunteers who work together to make the event a reality, it is always a fantastic show of pride for their country and an example of just how much people can achieve.
If selected this will be the fourth time that Japan has hosted the Games and the second time at hosting the Summer Games. The country has been a regular participant since the Olympics began and has won a total of 130 gold medals at the Summer Olympics. In total judo, gymnastics and wrestling are the most successful sports for Japan, with table tennis, badminton and taekwondo being the least successful.
The other two candidates to host the 2020 Summer Olympics are Istanbul and Madrid and the IOC will make the final decision, electing the chosen city in September 2013. Naturally, until that date many people will be waiting in keen anticipation to find out which city will become the host and those carefully laid plans cannot be put into action until the final decision has been made. The pressure will be on the winning city to create another stunning Olympic stadium and village to ensure that the hosting of the Games goes well. It is often a controversial subject as some believe that the money being spent on the games would be better spent in other areas, whereas others believe that the amount of money generated will be hugely beneficial to the city in the long run. This is a problem that is the same no matter who hosts the Games.
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